Facebook Friend Rejects Can Still Follow You

You can still deny friend requests outright; it just takes an extra step. Once you've said Not Now to a request, you're asked "Don't you know ______?," and if you say no they'll be blocked. If you don't say no right then, you have to head to your Requests page to block them.



Three quick thoughts. One, it seems like a sneaky, backdoor way to add a follow function that they could have just announced as an opt-in feature. Two, that being said, just edit your privacy settings already. Three, I'm guessing this wouldn't happen on Diaspora.

If you're concerned about your public identity on site you can change both your username or your display name. Your display name is the name that is publicly visible to other users. Your username is what you login with and is in your profile url. Both can be edited by going to your profile then clicking "Edit Profile."

If you still wish to completely delete your account, click the Delete Account button below. Your account will be locked, and your information will be wiped from our servers within 30 days.

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