Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen was the host of NBC’s To Catch A Predator, which aired in 2004. The show revolved around luring sexual predators into a house under the assumption that they would meet with under-aged children that they had been chatting with online. When the predator arrives, they are met by Chris Hansen and under cover agents. Hansen’s catchphrase has been, ‘Why don’t you take a seat right over there?’.

Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen

An image has often been used on 4chan in threads regarding CP. An archived thread from August 4th, 2007, shows images of Hansen with obviously fake disguises attempting to infiltrate the message board.

Due to the show’s popularity and controversial subject matter, parodies arose not only online, but in mainstream media as well. The South Park episode ‘Le Petit Tourette’ was aired on October 3rd, 2007, and featured an animated Chris Hansen.

Right from the launch of of To Catch a Predator Chris Hanson began appearing on 4Chan, and was immediately associated with Pedobear. It is interesting to note that the show does not label those they catch as “pedophiles. Hansen had this to say on the subject:

We don’t label these guys as pedophiles. Pedophiles have a very specific definition, people who are interested in prepubescent sex. What we’re talking about here are potential predators.

Search queries for ‘chris hansen’ and ‘to catch a predator’ had their largest spikes in October 2007, around the same time as the first South Park episode, and again in January 2010.

On June 29th, 2011, the National Enquirer reported that they had followed Chris Hansen for 4 months, and had video evidence of Hansen having an affair with a news anchor from Florida named Kristyn Caddell. The story was posted to Reddit the same day.

On June 30th, The Daily What posted a clip of the hidden camera footage that the National Enquirer had released. The video shows what is claimed to be Hansen and Caddell entering a Ritz-Carlton restaurant in Palm Beach.

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