All banks and shops remain closed. There was a text message that was sent out on Wednesday morning to users of state mobile phone networks telling everyone, civil servants and private workers, to go back to work.



But apart from that, he& 039;s lost complete control of this area, which is now patrolled by local militias. The belief here is that government control is now down to a few pockets, including parts of the capital Tripoli and other strongholds including the southern town of Sabha.

John Graham: What Will Gaddafi Do?

Predicting the actions of a man as mercurial as Gaddafi is not easy. He can be absolutely statesmanlike one day and deliver speeches of neurotic ravings the next.

Lockerbie widow speaks against Gaddafi | Al Jazeera Blogs

Just hours ago, the Libyan justice minister, who resigned in protest against Muammar Gaddafi's attacks on his own population, said he had proof that the Libyan leader was the one who ordered the Lockerbie attack. …

Libya: Defiant Gaddafi: “People who don't love me don't deserve to

Libyan dictator Muammar Al Gaddafi allegedly addressed supporters in Tripoli's Green Square, promising more gloom and doom to people protesting against his rule. In his latest speech, broadcast today on Libyan TV, Gaddafi called on …

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