Fug or Fab: Emma Watson

But she isn’t, and there isn’t a picture of her in our subscriptions where she is. So what could’ve been a cute, girly-with-an-edge take on tartan, had she seemed to enjoy herself in it, suddenly becomes, My agent lost a bet with Gerard Butler and so now I have to star in a new West End ballet called Scotch Leg about three generations of Scottish haggis makers and the women they love. And I HATE haggis. Except Paul Haggis. And even then I’m not sure. God, this acting thing is hard sometimes. Do we think JK might change her mind and write Harry Potter and the Mid-Life Crisis Motorbike? Please?

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

I think the jacket is too not-fitted. It turns the outfit into a triangle shape that I’m not loving. If it were zipped, or tailored, or something, then I probably would like the combo. Maybe that’s why her expression is so sour grapes.

She is wearing a droopy leather jacket with a Catholic school-girl uniform with muppet hair at the bottom. This is decidedly not cute, but drab. And even in the dress, she kind of looks like a boy here. No. Not drinking the Kool-Aid today.

I think the jacket just needed to be a little bit shorter, so it hit at the waist of the dress instead of where the skirt is already flaring, for this to work. Fix that and I think it would look great.

There’s something fun about putting androgyny in a frilly dress and leather jacket, but it doesn’t really work with THIS dress. I kind of wish they’d gone all out and put her in menswear.

preteen clothes on post teen people just look wrong. And it looks more like an old fashioned ice skating outfit. Maybe the movie is really about Scottish skaters?

It looks amazing. I think the only problem is that this is the sort of look that works in a dark bar or atmospheric street scape. It just wasn’t made to pose prettily in front of a white screen patterned in GQ s. Give it a chance.

I think she looks very pretty, but I love tartan, and I love big flaring skirts, and I also love Emma Watson. So. I have to agree with Linda, though, a little bit of lipstick would have done wonders.

Yes, she needs lips and I don’t like the slicked hair, I just want to take my fingers and rough it up a little. The hair, not the lips. I voted cute for the outfit because doggone it, it is CUTE. A different jacket maybe. I don’t think it makes her look fat. And she is young! Let her be young.

The jacket’s not quite right, and I’m with witjunkie, rough slightly spiky hair would make a big difference here, but honestly, I think she should pass this off to Helena Bonham Carter next time they run into each other. And Helena will wear it with a sort of Gothic hunting jacket and maybe some pantaloons, and it will look gorgeously wack on her.

Emma is cute, but it’s a plain sort of cute, and she doesn’t have the bold attitude to pull off anything even this gently odd. She is better served by a more classic style.

I love it all, and I especially love that you could potentially wear this on a red-carpet then ditch the awards early to hit up a punk show or metal bar without looking too overdressed. Daisy Lowe or Leona Lewis definitely could not have done that

I saw dozens of pics of her smiling in this outfit, so perhaps we shouldn’t be too down on her besides, when’s the last time you saw any criticism of a famous male actor for not smiling? Hmm?

I’ve seen photos of her in this outfit where she smiles, and she looked gorgeous. And the outfit looked better. I think the lighting in this shot is terrible though, so maybe the better light in the other photos also helped.

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