Chaz Bono

that’s ridiculous! I was a tomboy as a kid and I’ve been happily married to a MAN for almost 6 years, and have 2 sons! I still enjoy doing things that guys like to do, like riding quads and going camping and such. But, I also enjoy getting all fancied up to go out and doing my make-up!! There’s nothing wrong with her!

Chaz Bono

Chaz Bono

I hope Angelina and Brad reads this. Both my 2 girls were tomboys and very shy about there bodies till they were in there Sophmore year in High School. They are 17 and 23 not Gay or wanting to be another gender they are very much girlies now. I was a tomboy too. Protect your babies Angelina and Brad I think you both are doing a great job! People are jealous cause you can give and travel the world with your children. My parents were from Italy and every 2 years we would go for 3 months to live and visit family till I was 18. The experience your children will have is priceless. Keep it Rockin!

And then there’s these two gems in yet another example of your rampant (but amusing) hypocrisy – silly little stagnant stone thrower

You had gender-reassignment surgery and had your breasts removed, which is shocking to a lot of women.It’s something I wanted to do for so, so long. When my breasts grew, they didn’t feel like they belonged on my body. To have them gone, for me, was the final piece of the puzzle. & 91;The surgeons& 93; use your nipples and construct male nipples out of them. When I looked in the mirror and saw a male chest, it was exhilarating.

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