CAA Signs Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos

EXCLUSIVE: Live With Regis Kelly co-host Kelly Ripa was with WME, and her husband Mark Consuelos was with Innovative. CAA's Bryan Lourd not only signed them but also their production company Milojo Productions, which has made several shows for TLC. The question now is whether Consuelos might replace Regis Philbin as Kelly's co-host. In a recent People magazine poll, Consuelos scored big over other contenders like Survivor's Jeff Probst.

Mark Consuelos

Mark Consuelos

I hear he reps NFL MVP and Super Bowl winner Kurt Warner now. Plus Super Bowl winner Tony Siragusa and a host of other athletes-turned-broadcasters.

What a life for these two. All day long they get to mix business with pleasure AND get paid for it. Fantastic. Now that's what I call living the American dream.

The sad thing is, this isn't even a loss for Innovative. They must be glad to have Consuelos off their back. And this really makes Kelly look sleazy leave your agent of many years so your husband can also get an agent at CAA.

And they switched because their careers were going so badly? Whenever a longtime client shows disloyalty by switching agents for no real reason it just tells you how naive the client is. Longtime clients traditionally do better because everyone is so much more vested. Guess beauty and brains don't go together.

Kelly WAS one of the most loyal people in the business. I can't believe she would fire Jim. This may be the beginning of the end for the Ripa brand.

I'm sure Jim is making a deal to leave WME for CAA. Kelly is too smart (and loyal) to fire him, especially now when she needs him the most. The future of Live rests on her shoulders. If Mark replaces Regis and the ratings dive, then so will their marriage/empire. Jim is too smart to let that happen.

Let me guess. She left one of the greatest guys in the business, Jim Ornstein, because CAA promised that if she did, they'd give her husband his first non-LifetimeTV acting gig in a decade.

Mark Consuelos should be happy w/ whatever he has b/c had it not been for Kelly's luck getting that job w/ Regis, he'd be just another ex soap star making movies for Oxygen and WE. Kelly will take Regis's seat and they will replace the old man w/ one of the Male Radio Stars they featured a few months back. I can't remember his name except that he was also on DWTS. Kelly will simply refuse to sit alongside anyone that overshadows her. Ego thy name is Kelly Rips. Remember, kids, I said it here first.

Consuelos did a HORRIBLE movie for Oxygen in 2008 called Husband Fire Hire. It was so bad that it killed original movies at Oxygen (no loss there). His career has dived from his Soap days to near extinction. If he thinks CAA will turn it around, good luck! All they care about is Kelly. Mark is lucky, lucky, lucky to have a wife who is a money machine. And yes Mike Catherwood is in the running to replace Regis.

What happened to her superstar agent Jim Ornstein who she is always talking about on the show? He's been with her since she was just a soap actress and has made her the household name she is today!

Jim Ornstein helped make Kelly who she is today. He also introduced her to the Electrolux. Why would she want to leave WME?Her loss. Not his. Now he can find the next It Girl!

Don't you usually stick with the same people who helped you on the way up to the top? Seems like it to me. I always liked Kelly but this just doesn't seem kosher.

Not so much, actually. A few months ago, Regis, who had left WME to follow his long time agent Jim Griffin to Paradigm fired Jim to go to wait for it WME. So it goes.

What TLC shows of theirs are on the air? I haven't seen any. Maybe a one-time pilot here or there. I know they had a Lifetime show last week, but that appeared to be a one-off.

In the business, Jim Ornstein is beloved, and admired. And no one can deny- surely Kelly will not- that he was responsible for a great part of her success. The classiest of celebs stay with the agents who made them like Harrison Ford. While people do change their representatives all the time, it is still shocking and sad to see someone pushed aside after so many years. Not sad for Ornstein's future, though- he made Kelly's huge deals and orchestrated her career since her beginnings. . He can surely do it again, many times over.

Kelly Ripa is a fool. The amount of money Ornstein made her over her career is immeasurable, and yes, he did make' her. Can't wait to see what Bryan Lourd does with her does she have dreams of being the next Seacrest? I think she's a greedy fool.

The most successful people in this business have Loyalty. I thought Kelly was on the A-list, but now, it appears, she's graduated to the D-list.

Sounds like a savvy move to me and a great package deal. After X amount of years its always good for a change. When theres change it sniffs of complacency. Sorry WME, sounds like you were sleeping at the wheel.

Who else thinks this happened because her loser husband who was at innovative and never really works had bryan lourd say he would get attention as an actor at caa if they BOTH signed across the board. I can't believe though kelly would allow herself to be a puppet in this and screw over the guy who helped build up your career. No loyalty. He always seemed slimey but now think she's worse

If Kelly thinks her and her lack-luster husband are a business' package deal she is sadly mistaken! She is the talent and bread winner NOT Mark. It would be in her best interest to keep her marriage and HER talent separate from one another which appears to have been the professional' business decision Jim was doing all along. Hence, Mark was not signed with WME. Yet we only found Mark keeping Regis' seat warm every now and then with his condescending mannerisms or Kelly discussing how neat and tidy he is around the house he better show TLC to their Electrolux appliances warranties don't last forever!

So few people are loyal these days. From everything I know about Jim Ornstein he was VERY attentive, available and supportive to Kelly. I think she'll be hard-pressed to find someone as hardworking and as genuine as Jim.

Ripa gets a wax figure at Madame Tussauds and she thinks she needs better than the guy who got her where she is? Wow. That's telling of her true colors.

How could Kelly leave the very agent who built her ENTIRE career? She was nothing without Jim Ornstein. I used to be a fan, but this is totally classless ..oh, and who is Mark Consuelos again??

HA! Guess this means Kelly's as fake as her wax figure. Jim Ornstein will do just fine. He has a lot of other great clients. Why would he leave WME for CAA? He's loyal!

Karma's a bitch Kelly. Kelly should practice loyalty to those who made her a celebrity. Also think the show will be boring with Mark C as a co-host. What are they going to talk about everyday? their kids.

That's terrible news. Jim stayed up all night talking to Kelly after her cat ran off. The poor gu missed his flight to LA the next day, and he did it in the spirit of being not just a good agent, but also a friend. What's wrong with people today? Why is there no honor? I hope CAA knows what they're getting into with Kelly and whats-his-name.

Brilliant move Kelly! WME and Ornstein keep the packaging fees from Live and you now have to give up 10% of your re-negotiated fees just for the privilege of working with Bryan Lourd's assistants and the team of NS Bienstock castaways in the NY office.

When was the last time Mark Consuelos acted in anything?? It's pretty obvious that CAA only signed him because of Kelly. These people have zero loyalty or appriciation for the people (or person rather) who got them to where they are today. Joining Regis made Kelly a Star, and people only know Mark because of her. Jim will be FINE, and I'm sure it won't be long before these two come crawling back to him. And like they say ..Karmas a ***!

There are two real losers in this whole situation CAA and Kelly. Now CAA has to deal with Kelly, and Kelly wont have the amazing Ornstein in her corner anymore. Jim will find the next it girl and not have to deal with Kelly and that husband of hers anymore.

I love the two of them, love when mark fills in but that's just a recipe for disaster working and also being married big mistake. If josh groban didn't have a day job, I would choose him. Ditto to Anderson Cooper. I vote Mike catherwood, fresh from dancing with the stars.

Jim Ornstein is an outstanding agent who has been with Kelly from the beginning and has played an enormous role in creating the personality she is today. He knows talent when he sees it and obviously knows how to make sure it shines. It is sad that Kelly, who has always been as sweet as she seems on and off screen, has put blind ambition over loyalty, trust, friendship, and a proven formula for success. Ornstein will undoubtedly continue to create and foster current and future stars, but it is still disappointing to lose the respect for someone you admired.

How do you all not know that this is not being orchestrated. Kelly will leave. Jim will follow. Due to his contract the timing as to be just right. Jim will work with Kelly at CAA. Not Bryan. It's just an announcement. This has been in the works for almost a year.

Mark makes a good co-host with Kelly when it's a random appearance. Same goes for Regis' wife Joy. If these two think they're the next George Burns and Gracie Allen they're in for a rude awakening. I think the audience will tire of them quickly. I'm sure it's a slap in the face for Ripa to jump ship from WME but honestly, they're a talent agency. She wasn't their only client. She was probably monopolizing most of her agent's time and energy anyway. Now he's free to build up others which I'm sure he will!

Bryan Lourd reps a ton of other people with careers bigger than Kelly's. He likely talked a good game to get her to jump ship but is he really going to be able to help her grow when he's busy booking Anne Hathaway's next movie? Uh, Kelly, can you hold on. Reese Witherspoon is on the other line.' Hey Mark, I've got this great script you should read. You should know my other client Matthew Mcconaughey is also reading it.' Puhleeze.

What? The millions Kelly made from the show, Electrolux and Commerce Bank weren't enough? This story is now starting to sound like a bad TV movie starring Mark Consuelos.

I've worked with Ornstein. He's a great guy with integrity. This likely stings but he'll be fine. I'm sure Ripa will miss the 1:1 attention she had with him at WME. She'll see.

Jim is a great guy, but he never allowed Kelly to build any other relationships internally within the company so he's really the only agent there that she ever knew well, despite the fact that the majority of the deals he did for her, were actually delivered by other agents in the tv and endorsement departments. He never allowed her to really understand that or get close to anyone there, so when they had a falling out, she jumped right into caa's waiting arms. Smart play by CAA, dumb play by the island of Jim Ornstein who really has no other clients of any substance.

Riiight. Ornstein never allowed Ripa any contact other agents not even with the commerical dept. Those deals with Tide, Pantene, 7Up, Aquafina and Electrolux just fell from the sky. (Note: You contradicted yourself and practically made this same argument for me. You said other agents made several deals for her, and at the same time you said he kept her on an island. You can't have it both ways. So which is it?)

And if his roster of Super Bowl winners, MLB players and NBA coaches-turned-broadcasters have no substance, as you say I wonder how they all got deals with ESPN, FOX Sports, MLB network, Turner, NFL network, etc? If they really lack substance, then I guess we'd have to credit all those big-money deals to darn good work by their agent.

Here's the story- this is not such a big deal. People change reps all the time in this business, and KR obvs felt she needed a change. End of story. She will continue to remain a huge star no matter who she has in her corner. All KR haters can suck on that.

Seriously, Bryan Lourd? You sign Mark Consuelos to get Kelly Ripa? Pretty sleazy, if you ask me. The guy was at INNOVATIVE! We're not talking about going from Gersh to CAA. Who goes from Innovative to CAA? Guys who are married to Kelly Ripa, that's who.

Kelly makes a LOT of money, but if she thinks she's going to get as much attention from Bryan as his other clients (who make 10x what Kelly makes), she's nuts. She'll never get from Lourd what she got from Jimmy Ornstein. Well, at least Mark got what he wanted let's just see if CAA can (will?) book him on anything.

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