Bathroom Cleaning Tips – How to Keep Your Bathroom Germ Free

Germs and mildew love the combination of moisture and heat that is found in most bathrooms. These germs and bacteria can lead to sickness and health issues. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to germ bust your bathroom and keep mildew and germs at bay.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Mildew thrives on bath and shower tiles. If you have a tiled bathroom, that is bad news as mildew is a health hazard, plus it also looks and smells unsightly.

The good news is it’s easy to remove mildew from your tiles. Simply mix some detergent with warm water, apply it to the mildew on your tiles, and scrub with a scrubbing brush. Use warm water and a cloth to remove and dry with a towel.

This method will easily get rid of most mildew. For particularly stubborn mildew, spray on some mildew removing cleaner and scrub. Then clean with warm water and a cloth and dry off with a towel.

Nail brushes and body brushes are great bathroom accessories. They are also major germ magnets. After you’ve used them give them a rinse and dry them with a towel. Wash them frequently by soaking them in shampoo and warm water, and replace them regularly.

If you keep too many bath and beauty products on bathroom surfaces, they will attract germs, grime, and dust making it difficult to keep on top of cleaning your bathroom. Streamline the number of different products you use, and use a cupboard or cabinet to store them in if you can make room.

If you’re in a rush when you clean your bathroom, it can be tempting not to dry the bath, shower, and toilet. The trouble is, your bathroom may look clean, but pools of water left standing will soon attract germs and mildew. It doesn’t take long to give each item a quick dry with a towel. Remember to do the same after you’ve had a bath or shower too. Keep Your Tile Grout Clean

Because tile grout is porous, it can soon become a favourite breeding ground for mildew, germs, and bacteria. Not only is this a health hazard, dirty grout will also make your bathroom look embarrassingly unclean.

To prevent dirty tile grout, apply a grout sealant to new grout. If your grout is already dirty, you’re going to have to get it clean before you seal it.

Your best options for cleaning grout are steam cleaning, or bleach and water. If you decide to rent a steam cleaner to clean your grout, it shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to clean the entire bathroom.

If you’d rather opt for bleach and water, use three parts water to one part bleach. Apply it to your grout and use a scrubbing brush or cloth to clean try not to scrub too hard, or you could end up accidentally removing some of the grout.

When it comes to spreading germs, your hands are the worst enemy. Touching things like the toilet handle, the faucet, and the soap dispenser can easily be blamed for the spreading of germs and sickness. Fingers are everywhere, without thinking about it you touch your mouth, eyes, and nose all the time spreading germs from the bathroom.

A great way to break the cycle of bathroom germ spreading is to install some hands-free bathroom items. An automatic soap dispenser, faucet, and even a paper towel dispenser can really help to cut down on germ contamination. It may not be completely practical for homeowners to install automatic faucets and such but starting out with a battery powered soap dispenser may not be a bad idea.

It is impossible to keep your bathroom completely germ free, but following these germ busting tips will help you to keep the majority of germs at bay.

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